About Us

Topologix (Pty) Ltd., also known as TPX for short, was founded in 2013. Our aim is to become a single point of contact as regards to supply and provision of support services to our valued customers, through the centralisation of a diversified scope of required services on the market. Topologix prides itself in having access to numerous suppliers and services. Through our established network of various suppliers and services we strive to give our customers the most convenient and cost effective business solutions to either acquire the resources they need or to render services.


The vision of Topologix is to become a quality supplier, maintenance and services provider for a diversified scope of industries, businesses and various sectors.


Our mission is to unify supply, maintenance and technology required by businesses, industries and various sectors in a manner which will compliment the effectiveness of workflow, through efficient and expedient turnover of services.


Our goal is to centralise supply, maintenance and technology through making them readily and conveniently available and easily accessible (internally or externally) to our customers.


Topologix values high standards of quality, integrity and excellence. Through our experience, we always strive to provide our clientele with excellent services at all times, coupled with the quickest turnover possible.